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Presenting the Avelo System – Discard that BCD

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Ave (ah-veh) is a bird that flies through the water.

Why Avelo revolutionizes diving

Nothing beats the experience of effortlessly hovering underwater. The underwater habitat is very important to our scuba tribe. We want our tribe to thrive and flourish, because the world needs a lot more compassion. To accomplish this, we must upgrade dive equipment.

Sea to Sky

Avelo was developed as a neutrally buoyant product to assist people dive more securely and enjoyably. Our staff is made up of top-tier scuba industry expertise.

We have decades of scuba diving teaching and diving gear manufacturing experience. Our members of the board have devised protocols for divers and most of the equipment that you are likely already familiar with.

We put our professional skills to work to help you have a better recreational diving experience.

Photo Credit: Avelo

Avelo Story

Aviad Cahana, a dive instructor/engineer who was tired of hauling heavy and unwieldy gear, devised the Avelo system. The simple part, as usual, was inventing anything. After then, it took several years to turn it into a reality. Years of agonizing product development, extensive testing, failure, and correction. Nonetheless, it was a very satisfying process! We knew as soon as the initial real-world testing began that it would forever change Scuba.

Today, the Avelo Labs team consists of top-tier scuba industry professionals. We have decades of scuba diving teaching and diving gear manufacturing experience. We don’t like to brag, but if you’re a current certified diver, you’ve probably been taught according to a methodology devised by one of our board members. If you’re a seasoned diver, you’ve probably dived using equipment designed by one of our senior team members.

Learn more at: https://diveavelo.com/


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