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Night Scuba Diving at Yankee Cove in Nova Scotia

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Andrew, Peter, Tom, and Mercedes from East Coast Scuba and Watersports led a night dive in Yankee Cove, Nova Scotia.

About Yankee Harbour

There will be no mention of services, facilities, shopping, or even bars at Yankee Harbour, instead, this will be a spot where you may discover the kind of peace and solitude that is becoming increasingly difficult to come by. A stretch of undeveloped shoreline runs the length of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, roughly from the hamlet of Whitehead to the town of Canso. There are also intriguing interior passages between the rocky islands, as well as wilderness anchorages.

Sea to Sky

Yankee Harbour (also known as Yankee Cove) is located between Harbour Island and the mainland, opposite Whitehead. If you want to go exploring, there is a dinghy passage into The Basin that you can use at high tide. There was once a small settlement here, and some remnants can still be spotted in the bushes near the harbour’s north end. There is an aquaculture operation at the north end of the harbour these days, which limits the anchoring a little, but there is still plenty of space and you won’t have to share it very often. The harbour is simple to navigate, though you must be cautious in bad weather.

Photo credit East Coast Scuba and Watersports

Dive Report

A great 55 minute evening dive was reported by Andrew, Peter, Tom, and Mercedes from East Coast Scuba and Watersports with max depth 21 feet (6 metres) water temperature reported to be 59 F (15 C) and visibility ranged from 25 to 30 feet (7 to 9 metres)

East Coast Staff
Photo credit: East Coast Scuba and Watersports

Thanks to East Coast Scuba and Watersports for their photo contributions.

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