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Books: Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor – How to Make a Good Living out of your Passion for Diving

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Tired of working “9 to 5” and considering “living the dream” as a scuba diving instructor traveling from one tropical paradise to the next? It’s possible, if you play your cards right. Most instructors don’t, because they “wing it”.

They dive head first, then check the depth of the pool or even if there is water in it! This book is your companion to success as a dive instructor or divemaster, and a valuable reference book for dive store and scuba diving resort owners and managers. It is focused on providing information, tricks, and advice for scuba divers looking at earning a living in the dive industry. Yet, part-time scuba diving instructors will also find information to make this adventure a better one financially, be much safer, have more fun, and be more fulfilling

This book is about going beyond being “a” professional to being professional and successful. It won’t give you an MBA or any other kind of business degree, nor make you a dive instructor! This book is about helping you merge scuba diving, career management, and business management to identify a path leading you to “living the dream” while simultaneously making enough money to live. It is also about “raising the bar” in the scuba diving industry to put us on a path to growth. It is best to read this book before starting your scuba diving instructor course but already certified dive instructors will also find plenty of food for thoughts and ideas for growth post-COVID-19 pandemic. Have a look at the comprehensive table of content below on this page! Get Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor in print or for Kindle (affiliate links).

Learn more at: https://www.businessofdiving.com/scuba-dive-instructor-job


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