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Ocearch is Now on Their Final Tagging Mission in the Waters of Nova Scotia

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Ocearch has already tagged two Great White Sharks off the coast of Lunenburg County on Nova Scotia’s South Shore during this 2021 expedition, which will last through September 30th. The firm, which is based in the United States, will be making their final voyage to Canadian waters for their work. They have only tagged the two as of this article due to the consequences of the recent hurricane.

During the 2020 voyage, Ocearch tagged eight white sharks, seven of which were discovered in Lunenburg County waters. In 2019, the organization had similar success. During its maiden trip to the province in 2018, Ocearch tagged six.

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For the fourth year in a row, Ocearch returns to Atlantic Canada to embark on our 42nd Ocean Research Expedition in the waters off Nova Scotia. Ocearch has helped reveal this region as a crucial hotspot for the Northwest Atlantic white shark after tagging 73 total white sharks in their Northwest Atlantic White Shark study, 26 of which were tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia. ​​

Expedition Nova Scotia 2021 will work with 42 colleagues from 29 organizations to expand their study’s sample size and collect data for 24 separate science initiatives, allowing them to build a complete picture of the white shark’s life and health in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. The Northwest Atlantic White Shark Study, conducted by Ocearch, is the world’s most thorough study of white sharks.

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About Ocearch

Ocearch is a data-driven organization that aims to assist scientists in gathering previously unobtainable data in the ocean while also making our studies and excursions open to the public. Open source and inclusion at every level, in real time, allows people all around the world to join in our projects while keeping up with the latest scientific developments.

Learn more at: https://www.ocearch.org/tracker/



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