Time to Vote for DEMA’s Diving Community Champions Awards

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The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) is looking for DEMA-member companies that use their recreational diving businesses and community roles to make a difference locally or globally. For this reason, DEMA established the Diving Community Champions Award.

The Platinum, Gold, and Silver Diving Community Champion Awards are given to the top three DEMA-member companies, as determined by DEMA membership voting. The Awards will be presented at the DEMA Show in 2021 (November) and will assist to raise public awareness about recreational diving by highlighting how diving can benefit communities throughout the world.

Many DEMA-member companies from various stakeholder groups have been engaging with others to aid one another locally or even worldwide, employing a range of activities, especially during the epidemic. DEMA is happy to award the best and most active members for their acts, whether it has been implementing a program to help clean local beaches or a nearby dive location, or aiding wounded military veterans engage in recreational diving for its mental and physical healing value.

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