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Learn More About The Ocean 6/50 Event – 50 Hours Underwater at 6m

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Unix Sporting with Shafraz Naeem, a well known technical diver is organising and even to mark the 50th anniversary of the tourism and diving industry. Ocean 6/50 will bring together the local and international diving community, marine researchers and environmental activists to raise awareness and advocate for meaningful and sustainable solutions to the issues of plastic pollution, climate change, endangered species and the marine ecosystem.

Ocean 6/50 – Main Event, February 2022

The main event will be a 50 hour dive and pledge signing attempted by technical diver Shafraz Naeem. The dive will start at mid-day and he will remain underwater for 50 hours continuously. Shafraz will be holding a pledge with him that visiting divers throughout the duration can sign as a show of solidarity for the cause. The dive is the first of its kind in South Asia region and will be a significant record if successful.

Sea to Sky

Shafraz Naeem

Shafraz Naeem

Shafraz is an ex-military dive instructor with a 27 year career in the diving industry. He is an experienced SSI and TDI/SDI instructor and has trained divers in the Maldivian Coast Guard, Special Forces and Marines. He has extensive knowledge about the Maldivian marine ecosystem and has explored deep cave systems and reefs in the Maldives. An ambassador to Fourth Element wetsuits and Dive Systems UK’s Proteus rebreathers, he is also the only Maldivian diver to be invited to speak at the Tek Conference of the annual Asia Dive Expo held in Singapore for 6 consecutive years. He is an award winning underwater photographer featured in international and local publications and has 14 years of experience in the field of underwater photography.

Shafraz Naeem


Besides the main event, the two and a half day event, will have exciting activities happening at our local dive site and online via a virtual event. The virtual event will be launched on our website, where divers from around the globe can participate in the event to show solidarity and support for the cause and the event. Some of the programs for the event is listed below.

  1. Main Event – 5ohrs
  2. Virtual Event – 5ohrs
  3. Dive Training Camps – 1 day
  4. Free Diving Camps -1 day
  5. Marine Conservation Camp -1 day
  6. Special Dive Expeditions in Huvadhoo Atoll, Fuvahmulah and Addu Atoll.

Who and Who?

The Dive team will be stationed onboard a Safari Boat anchored at the dive site. A team of technical divers, a doctor and a psychiatrist will always be onboard. The dive site will be cordoned off from any local dive boats or dive expeditions. The dive team consists of technical divers from around the world and professional and experienced divers from Maldives. The event will also be supported by local dive schools and dive centers, local NGOs and government bodies.

  • Maldives National Defense Force
  • Maldives Police Services
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment
  • MM PRC
  • Live-aboard Association of Maldives

Learn more about the event or sponsorship opportunities by visiting http://www.unixsporting.com or reach out to Shafraz Naeem on Twitter


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