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Mission: Iconic Reefs is Hiring 4 Positions for Field Operations Team

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Want to work on coral reefs and be part of the world’s largest coral restoration effort? Do you love SCUBA diving, small boat operations, and making stuff happen? Have you ever looked out at the water and thought ‘I wish that was my office’? If that sounds like you, you probably haven’t had much luck because jobs like that are extremely rare. That changes today!

We have an amazing opportunity and are hiring 4 new people to join our NOAA team as part of the Mission: Iconic Reefs Field Operations Team!

Sea to Sky

These positions will collectively form the Mission: Iconic Reefs Field Operations Team. The Field Operations Team is expected to comprise individuals that will undertake site preparation, support restoration, conduct maintenance, perform benthic monitoring, collect fish assemblage data, install and download sensors, analyze and archive large data sets, and support a variety of other operations associated with the execution of Mission: Iconic Reefs.

We are seeking individuals that collectively can form a team capable of the following specialties: Scientific Diving; Marine & Vessel Operations; Coral Restoration; 3D Photogrammetry; Benthic, Invertebrate, Fish, & Water Quality Monitoring; Mapping; Data Management; and Data Analysis.

Liquid Diving

The ideal candidate will specialize in one or more of these areas, but will be capable of supporting them all as a member of a multidisciplinary team. Each member of the team will also have specific non-field work responsibilities that could include the following: Sample & Image Processing; Data Entry; Data Management; GIS; and/or Equipment Preparation & Maintenance.

The positions are being hired via our partners at Florida International University, but will be part of the NOAA team day to day and based in our Key Largo or Key West offices.

Learn more at: https://hr.fiu.edu/careers/

  • Click “Prospective Employees”
  • Search for job # 524551 OR #524552 — qualifications/experience differ per position ID#



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