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The Big Scuba Podcast – Episode 71: Richard Garriott – A Report From The Mariana Trench

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Richard Garriott

The BiG Scuba duo, Gemma and Ian chat to Richard Garriott about his exploration to the extremities of our planet.  He has journeyed to both poles, orbited the planet, explored jungles, peered into volcanoes and hunted meteorites and more recently visited the depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.  He visited Challenger Deep, the lowest known point in the world’s oceans, in a titanium-shelled Triton submersible called Limiting Factor.  Richard Garriott is a Cambridge-born British-American computer game entrepreneur too.  Have a listen out for what he found at the bottom of our ocean!

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The BiG Scuba Podcast, a new UK based podcast. We discuss everything to do with diving and the ocean and hope to promote scuba diving to more people including women.

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