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After 65 Years, the Andrea Doria Foghorn is Heard Again

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On 25th July 1956, the 213m Andrea Doria collided with Swedish liner the Stockholm 100 miles off Nantucket. Forty-six of the Andrea Doria’s 1706 passengers died, along with five of the Stockholm’s crew and to commemorate the event, the foghorn from the Andrea Doria was heard again after 65 years.

The foghorn, located in 2016 by Joe Mazraani of D/V Tenacious has been fully restored and was heard during a Facebook Live Event on 25th July 2021.

Andrea Doria
By Harry Trask, Boston Evening Traveller. Wikipedia Public Domain

Sadly, the Andrea Doria continues to claim lives with at least 22 scuba divers perishing on the wreck. Nicknamed “The Everest of Wreck Diving”, depth, strong currents, heavy sediment and a combination of thick fishing nets and thin fishing lines which drape the wreck, make this a challenging dive for even the most experienced wreck divers.

The wreck is slowly collapsing as the Atlantic Ocean takes it toll with many of the passageways collapsing.

Learn more about the history of the Andrea Doria at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Andrea_Doria


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