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Captive dolphins that perform in swim-with programs are kept intentionally hungry so that they are forced to interact with park visitors. Wild dolphins do not usually swim with people and they certainly do not kiss or tow people around because they do not like to. 

Swim-with-dolphin programs pose a huge risk to the public. There are hundreds of documented cases of injuries from participants, including reports that humans have been rammed or bitten by dolphins during their interactions. It is next to impossible to determine the behavior of a cetacean on a daily basis, especially considering captive dolphins are stressed and frustrated. Expecting the dolphins, children and adults to follow the rules is extremely far-fetched. 

There are very few documented cases of wild dolphins harming humans. Instead we see thousands of stories and accounts of dolphins helping people. 

It is important to note that swim-with-dolphin regulations have been suspended  in the United States, leaving these facilities to oversee and govern their programs in their own favor. These dolphins often work back-to-back all day without a chance to take a break or seek refuge from constant interactions. These cetaceans are worked until they die and these facilities only care about making profit. 

Swim-with-dolphin and interaction programs are cruel to captive dolphins and dangerous for the public. Join us in asking congress to please end all swim-with-programs in the United States. 

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