Introducing Sea Threads: Apparel from 100% Certified Ocean Plastic

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More than 150 million tons of plastic currently pollutes the ocean, yet it only takes 1 piece to kill a sea creature. That is why Sea Threads has crafted the perfect shirt from 1lb of plastic taken directly from the ocean. While other brands use plastic that has already been disposed of or recycled, we remove ours from where it causes most harm- coastal and marine ecosystems.

Sea Threads

Virtually all of the plastic ever produced still remains on Earth, so removing it from our oceans isn’t enough. We go a step further by repurposing this plastic into performance material that is incredibly breathable, moisture wicking, and 50 SPF UV proof. Sea Threads is proud to transform pollution into product with the first clothing from 100% Certified Ocean Plastic! 

Sea Threads is committed to building a community centered on improving the health of our oceans and everything that relies on them.

Sea Threads

The use of environmentally-friendly materials is central to the Sea Threads mission. By specifying our shirts are made from ocean plastic, we are able to support circular economies and prevent excessive use of fossil fuel that occurs when manufacturing new polyester.

Sea Threads

Sea Threads is committed to building a transparent and ethical product through social and environmentally responsible business practices. All suppliers and processors undergo a rigorous vetting process for material authenticity and quality, supply chain transparency, ethical treatment of people and planet, and regulatory compliance through the Oceanworks Code of Conduct. Sea Threads fabrics are certified by Global Recycle Standard, NSF International, UL and Zero Plastic Oceans.

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