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The ocean is a vast and mysterious place — only 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored and charted, which leaves 95% unexplored. A fun and creative hobby, scuba photography gives people a glimpse into this alluring yet unknown world. Whether you’re just getting started with scuba photography or you’re a long-time pro, investing in the latest scuba photography gear can help take your shots to the next level.

Basic camera kit

Putting together a basic camera kit that includes the right gear for your needs is essential for taking amazing photos — you can’t rely on your smartphone or a regular point-and-shoot camera underwater, after all. For divers, the Ikelite SL3 camera kit, for example, comes with a Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera and a portable Canon EF-s 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens that lets you experiment with various shooting angles and composition techniques. The kit also includes Ikelite 200DLM/C underwaterhousing, which is durable, lightweight, and designed for comfortable use. Whether you’re ready to move on from compact shooting or you’re looking for a high-quality, travel-friendly camera rig, the Rebel SL3 is ideal for divers.

Sea to Sky

Dive lights

Dive lights are key for good underwater photography: they essentially imbue your shots with color that would otherwise be absorbed by the water. For example, the Bigblue CB9000P LED diving video light torch is a compact and efficient all-purpose dive light able to enhance both underwater video and photo. It offers a wide and impressive 120-degree beam and warm 5,000K color temperature, as well as a handy red-light mode to facilitate camera-auto focus and night vision, which allows you to take as clear and close-up shots as possible — even of shyer creatures. It also features “Chip on Board” technology to create a stunning even-toned light source that helps your shots pop with realistic color and detail.

Cool accessories

There’s no shortage of innovative tech accessories ready and able to enhance your underwater shots. For example, FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot is the first ever 4K underwater drone. With this smart device, you’ll be able to explore and photograph the depths of the ocean. Thanks to six powerful thrusters, it moves through the water like a fish, and can tilt and pan 360 degrees. It also offers striking 4K quality, strong lighting, and 30 frames per second to help you snap beautiful underwater photos. Alternatively, the Polapro Fiftyfifty dome lets you take split-level shots with your GoPro. It works by directing the water line further away from  your camera, allowing you to take photographs both above and below the water line simultaneously. This piece of handy tech is an optically-corrected dome that fits snugly into the dome port — this means installation is quick and easy.

Liquid Diving

Scuba photography is a fun and rewarding hobby. By investing in the latest innovative photography tech, you can take even more amazing shots and truly make the most of your time in the water. 



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