Found Beer Can at Yellowknife Bridge, Contains Blasting Caps

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While undertaking an underwater cleanup under the Yellowknife Bridge, Jeremy MacDonald of “Shit I Found Diving” in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and his dive companion came across a beer can. This looked like a regular beer can, but with something unexpected. This beer can, it turned out, was filled with a grey substance and had four blasting caps protruding from it. MacDonald said an explosive ordnance disposal team from Alberta was summoned to investigate the item after contacting the RCMP.

Someone may have tried to generate an explosion in the water, according to MacDonald, but the device would not have been powerful enough to cause hurt or damage. He described what might have transpired as a “epic prank more than public safety.” There has been no comment from the RCMP.

Jeremy founded and produces “Shit I Found Diving in YK” on Northwestel Community TV and is the owner of Yellowknife Divers Inc. Jeremy and his friends go on diving adventures in the north to discover secret treasures, retrieve missing items, and reveal stories about the beautiful waters of the North.

Follow Jeremy’s Dive Adventures in the north at Shit I Found Diving in YK on Facebook.



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