Orcatorch D630 One of the Best Dive Lights for Tech Diving

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One of the best dive lights for tech diving in the industry is the Orcatorch D630 canister dive light. With 5 hours of runtime at its brightest setting emitting a whopping 4000 lumens, the Orcatorch D630 does not disappoint. As soon as you pick this unit up, you get the impression of quality. This dive light is a favourite for cave divers as well as professional divers when surveying areas for work.

Image copyright Orcatorch

What customers like D630 most:

  • 5 hours long runtime at brightest mode
  • 90°-180° angle adjustable cable suitable for both back mount and side mount diving
  • Good for mobility
  • Affordable price
Image copyright Orcatorch

Orcatorch is one of the most reliable brands for dive lights. We have created a series of dive lights and underwater video lights that are extremely bright, have a long beam span, long runtime, high waterproofness, high impact resistance, easy operation.

Learn more at: https://www.orcatorch.com



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