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Sea Shepherd Featured in New Shark Conservation Documentary “Fin” – Watch the Trailer

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11,000 sharks are killed every hour worldwide!

The urgent predicament of sharks around the world is brought to light in a striking new documentary from director Eli Roth and executive producers Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Dobrev. Beginning July 13, “Fin,” which highlights the work of acclaimed photographer Michael Muller, will be accessible for streaming on Discovery+ as part of Discovery’s Shark Week programming. Exclusive footage from Sea Shepherd’s campaigns battling illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in West Africa is included in the film, which exposes the criminal industry underlying the catastrophic extinction of sharks.

“Eli Roth is a master of the horror movie genre, so it’s fitting that he directed the deepest dive into the wholesale slaughter of sharks to be seen on screen since Sharkwater,” “In Liberia, he accompanied the Liberian Coast Guard and Sea Shepherd crew aboard Labiko 2, a floating abattoir that was arrested after illegally killing over half a million sharks annually.”

Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd’s Director of Campaigns

Every year, illegal and unsustainable fishing activities kill about 100 million sharks. Due to the high demand for shark fins in Asia, populations are dropping faster than they can recover. These 450 million-year-old creatures are also prone to entanglement in commercial fishing nets, where they are often caught and killed as bycatch.

Sea Shepherd
Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd Global

Sharks are apex predators that play a crucial role in the health of ocean ecosystems. All other species, from giant cetaceans to coral reefs, are in jeopardy as shark populations continue to plummet around the planet.

The creators believe that this video will assist increase public awareness about the present conservation problem that sharks are experiencing as the US Congress prepares to vote on a bill that proposes a ban on the purchase and sale of shark fins within the country.

Learn more at: www.finthemovie.com


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