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The Big Scuba Podcast – Episode 68: The Any Any Any Any Any Rule

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Ian and Gemma chat about what they have been up to including a refresher dive in the pool and then calling a dive based on the Any Any Any Any Any Any rule that Cristina Zenato stated on social media last November. 

They discus some news items and talk about current promotions from DarkTyde and Hapi Bottles.   There are YouTube videos showing our unboxing of T-shirts, Hapi Bottles and a Fourth Element Storm Poncho. 

Refresher Dive in the pool at Christal Seas Norwich.  https://www.scuba4me.co.uk/

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The BiG Scuba Podcast, a new UK based podcast. We discuss everything to do with diving and the ocean and hope to promote scuba diving to more people including women.

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Dive Curacao

Scuba Mask Straps