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Introducing EarPro – Waterproof Your Ears

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Water covers two-thirds of the globe and is the most valuable resource we have. We become more creative and connected when we are surrounded by water. It makes us happy, calms us down, and makes us feel more connected.

EarPro is an effective solution against trapped water and related ear issues. The majority of water-related ear issues, such as infections and ear canal narrowing, are caused by trapped water within the ear. EarPro coats the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer and a natural anti-infective and is the ultimate defence, easy and quick to use, with no impact on equalization, hearing or balance. It’s the no-brainer presentation aid for all water sports. Works for both adults and children.

EarPro prevents water getting trapped – the main cause of:

  • Outer Ear Infections
  • Swimmers/Surfers Ear
  • Pain

Spray EarPro in both ears, hop in, and enjoy the water worry-free. Reapply after 2 hours or when returning to the water.

Learn more at: https://usa.earpro.co/


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