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Open Water Scuba Instructor Teaches Diving Live From Her Home

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Natascha Jutzi, is a qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor who currently teaches diving classes to students anywhere in the world, from her home in Germany, from the sofa.

Using the Brighton based first ever live online learning platform, Learned.Live, Natascha teaches both free and paid classes on the basics of scuba diving. 


A former employee in the finance and banking sector, she fell in love with diving whilst following another one of her passions – travelling. It was then she discovered how surprisingly intertwined skills essential to both working in finance and scuba diving were.

Her courses on the live UK online learning platform are positive and upbeat, teaching people at home the basics of the adventure of under the waves. Taking into account the somewhat alternative environment for her classes, she focuses on the interaction with her students, ensuring fun and discovery are paramount to the learning experience. Even if it is being taught at home. The sessions allow students from anywhere in the world to ask her in real time, questions about all manner of diving themes. 


The goal of her current one off free class is to provide students with a rough understanding of scuba diving. More than that Natascha aims to give students a short impression of who she is, her teaching style and provide her classes with the opportunity to meet her.

Natascha, also hosts a paid course on the basics of scuba diving which can be found here https://learned.live/classes/sports-and-outdoors/the-basics-of-diving at £25 per student over a 50 minute single class course.

Learn more at: https://learned.live/profile/teacher/Natascha-Jutzi-51025


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