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The Most Powerful Group of Speakers in 2021!

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Diving Talks is the ultimate opportunity to attend fantastic presentations from the world’s leading divers in 2021.

Let’s talk about the most recent achievements worldwide, technological advancements, underwater discoveries and much more.

Sea to Sky

Listen to Belen talking about how you can help climate change, monitor the environment, apply space science and technology to underwater science, or Marcus’ photogrammetry journey from his first models to the most current projects.

Dive with Natalie into the “Most Disgusting Caves on the Planet” – her words, Jose’s presentation on Underwater Robotics or Armando and Rui discovery of the Alviela cave’s extension, beyond the 1250m penetration and more than 215 meters deep.

Liquid Diving

Assess the impact of man in the oceans from the surface to the abyssal waters, from the poles to the tropical waters, following Nuno’s fantastic shots, or understand why, for Martyn, The Darkness (really) Beckons.

How can this be missed?

If you dream about diving or are engaged in going deeper into diving, you have to be here – October 8 to 10

The best venue for one unforgettable weekend

The Tróia Peninsula is the perfect stage to talk about diving. But it is also a site to spend a fantastic weekend; there’s much to do independently, and many side events are waiting for the attendees’ trip partners.

Visit the Lousal Mine Village.Visit Grandola; the municipality that welcomed the Diving Talks.
Go for the “Serra Route”, a pedestrian route where you will sight species like owls and wild boars.
Sail the Sado River, enjoying the Troia Peninsula from the river. Visit wine estates where you will taste some of the best Portuguese wines.

Check out the Speakers here https://www.divingtalks.com/the-talks/ and the Event Schedule https://www.divingtalks.com/schedule/



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Dive Curacao

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