Learn more about Scuba Diving at Waterton Park, Alberta

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Waterton Park
Photo credit: Allan Keller

Even though there was still snow on the ground, Allan Keller and his three dive buddies wanted to dive in Waterton Park, Alberta. The ice had melted from the lake, but the remaining snow on the ground reminded them that cold weather was still around. So we can’t call this “ice diving”, so we will name it “winter diving.

Waterton Park
Photo Credit: Allan Keller

Waterton Park, or simply Waterton, is a hamlet located in southwestern Alberta, Canada. It’s 55 kilometres (34 miles) south of Pincher Creek and 502 kilometres (312 miles) south of Edmonton near the Canada USA border. Waterton is a UNESCO world heritage site. Waterton Park area is limited in population but has something for visitors of all ages, whether you want to walk through their stores, climb the world-famous trails and explore their waters, (scuba diving)

It’s worth noting that entering Waterton Lakes National Park needs a pass. A pass can be purchased at the park entrance or ordered online. The regular passes are valid until 4 p.m. the next day and cost $7.90.

Waterton Park
Photo Credit: Allan Keller

Back to the “Winter Diving” Report

Today in Waterton, was one of the best days to go diving! A few centimetres of fresh snow added to the warmth of the bright sunlight to the landscape. The weather was partly sunny, with a low of 0°C and no wind. The water temperature was -2°C and visibility was 10m all the way down to 40m. The dive lasted 60 minutes in total. Hot chocolate, BBQ cheeseburgers, snacks and treats were enjoyed after the dive.

Allan Keller

All in all this “winter dive” was a great success!

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