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Introducing Scuba Escape – The Scuba Diving Escape Experience

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The worlds first official scuba diving escape experience!

Designed by Leanne Clowes, of Palaemon Divers and Clare Dutton of Duttons Divers, these dive clubs have joined forces to make something never seen before in the world!

Sea to Sky

Scuba Escape

Scuba Escape is based at Vivian Quarry in Llanberis is North Wales

Scuba Escape is a series of 6 varied games, all underwater in the sort of ‘escape room’ theme with a huge twist. The entire quarry will be locked down to the divers whilst the game is in progress and no other divers will be in the water whilst the game is in progress and the big metal gates are closed behind the divers as they enter the game world.

Liquid Diving

The 6 games that are currently available are:

  • Save Vivoria – video game, based around a Mario / sonic type theme
  • Treasure of Syreni – Pirates, Mermaids and a treasure hunt with a different
  • Countdown – Stop the nuke from going off before the timer ends
  • Murder mystery – does what it says on the tin
  • Money Heist – Recover large amounts of money before the police come Operation z – Save the world from the zombies that lurk in the testing facility!

Varied games available, it allows all ages and levels of divers to get involved, and with limited travel internationally for the foreseeable we are aiming to get more divers who would usually only dive abroad to dive in the UK now that we are able to offer them something out of the ordinary to encourage the nation to enjoy what the UK has to offer!

Clare said: “We are really excited to be bringing something new and exciting to the UK dive industry, and cannot believe that it has not been done before. We have deliberately been pretty vague with giving anything away on what the escapes entail, which will make it more of a surprise to those that book, but I am pretty sure they won’t be disappointed… I mean, there are zombies, DPVs, mermaids, and even a princess… what’s not to like?

“In my opinion, Vivian Quarry is a perfect location for this – being able to literally close the gates on the divers, they will have the entire quarry to themselves during the game… how cool is that?”

Leanne added: “We have worked around the clock for this, but had so much fun together designing everything around it! Acting out parts to see if it sounds okay, my work colleagues have probably had enough of me reading scripts out to them randomly now!

“I think it has come at a perfect time, divers will likely be in the UK for much of this year while dive travel gets back on track and wanting to do something new, especially when (despite UK coastal diving being amazing) the weather is unpredictable. Vivian Quarry has the benefit of never being ‘blown out’ and so divers will have the security of being able to get their dives in while having fun in a completely different way, where you get the whole quarry to just your group and being able to perfect / practice your skills underwater.”

We are open to bookings to the general public from the 23rd April to celebrate the relaxation of lockdown across the UK, prior to this on the 21st April, we have our trial run day in which we have invited a number of media outlets both scuba and none scuba related.

Learn more at http://www.scubaescape.org or on Facebook and Instagram



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