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Fancy a Brew? Podcast (Series 2 Episode 9) – Talking to Ollie Putnam, Underwater and Topside Cinematographer

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Ollie Putnam has been diving all over the world at a variety of different levels. Taking it more seriously now Ollie has trained with the previous guest David Diley in underwater film making and gone on to work alongside another guest Jake Davies in producing the Underwater Wales series soon to be released on YouTube. 

Ollie is an experienced underwater, topside and aerial wildlife cinematographer based in the UK. He is an experienced HSE Part 4 Commercial Media Diver, dive instructor and underwater cameraman with credits on Discovery and the BBC

Also, a passionate marine conservationist Ollie has been involved with projects all over the world from Sea Turtles in Malaysia to Great White Sharks in South Africa, volunteering and working to create content for these projects to promote their cause.

Sea to Sky

Now based back in the UK he is working as an HSE safety diver and camera operator with current projects including a series showcasing the wildlife found underwater along the Welsh coastline with production company Dan Dwr Cymru. A trailer Cymru Gorau’r Gorllewin / Wales Best of the West Series can be seen below.

Liquid Diving

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Andy is the host of "Are you a diver, fancy a brew?" podcast which speaks to more and lesser known divers that interest him. Those with personality and a tale or message to tell. I’m less interested in those that have been on every show because we have all heard them 100’s of times but there are some real good people out there trying to do good things and I want to have a brew and get to know them, hopefully learning something at the same time. I pride myself on the research and post production that I see other podcasters miss out on. 10,000 downloads for season 1.

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