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Books: Pete the Cat, Scuba-Cat

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Many books on scuba diving have been published over the course of time, almost since the beginning of the scuba era. The Scuba News Canada will post these “nostalgia” books considered a “blast from the past” on a regular basis, and we want you, our readers, to make suggestions of “older nostalgia diving books” you have enjoyed, or believe our readers will. We will publish it and add your social media/website link to the article if you send us the proposal. Contact us.

Pete the Cat

About Pete the Cat, Scuba Cat

This “blast from the past” book is aimed at children who are learning to read and maybe interested in becoming scuba divers. New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean brings Pete the Cat’s world to life under the sea in this new I Can Read Book, written by James Dean (Author, Illustrator) and Kimberly Dean (Author). Published Jan 2016.

Sea to Sky

Pete the Cat is going scuba diving for the first time! Captain Joe tells Pete of all the sea creatures he will see before he dives in, and Pete is excited to see a seahorse. When he’s suited up and swimming, though, he has to look around for the little boy. Pete finds a new friend and receives a huge surprise in this aquatic adventure!

Pete the Cat: Scuba-Cat is a My First I Can Read Book, so it’s ideal for reading aloud with a kid. The easy-to-read style and groovy drawings in Pete the Cat’s first I Can Read underwater adventure would appeal to new readers.

Liquid Diving

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