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101 Tips for Underwater Photographers now available

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Announcing a new series of eBooks made by divers for divers. Presented in an easy to read, educational style, each eBook focuses on a specific diving-related activity or topics that will increase your knowledge and help you gain the most from your own underwater adventures.

Wise Divers
  • Valuable information for everyone from beginning underwater photographers to seasoned shooters
  • Great refresher before any dive trip!
  • Easy way to get your head “back in the game” if you have been out of the water for a while
  • Introduction by Adam Hanlon, Editor of wetpixel.com

The first book in the Wise Divers eBook series, 101 Tips for Underwater Photographers is written and photographed by longtime, professional underwater photographer, Marty Snyderman, and designed and edited by Eric Riesch. The tips provide suggestions for underwater photographers of all experience levels and offer valuable reminders and guidance regarding a variety of concepts and techniques.

Wise Divers

Illustrated with Marty’s photography, the text is written in an easygoing yet educational style. The tips cover a wide variety of topics ranging from pre-dive preparation, handling and care of equipment, the use of lighting and strobes, working with models, to post-capture processing. You will learn ways to create photographic opportunities, how to “get your shot”, and how to handle camera equipment, both above and below water.

Preview available at Apple Books and Amazon

eBooks available from Apple Book Store and from Amazon.com Kindle.

Learn more about Wise Divers at: http://www.wisedivers.com or follow on Facebook and Instagram


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About Author

Eric Riesch is the Photo Editor and Managing Director of New World Publications, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. For the past 28 years, he has managed the press production, photo retouching, placement, and cataloging of more than 10,000 photos in 12 marine life identification books by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach. Topping the list is Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific, which includes more than 2,500 images. He assisted the layout and design of Ned and Anna DeLoach’s Reef Fish Behavior and Stan Waterman’s autobiographical Sea Salt. He also managed the print production of Diving Pioneers and Innovators and Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification - Indo-Pacific. He designed the layout for the Apple books version of Reef Fish Identification - Florida Caribbean Bahamas and has produced ten PDF eBooks for New World Publications.

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