Sound Diving Gifts Free Courses To Inspire Marine Conservation Efforts

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Sound Diving in Plymouth are offering ocean lovers around the world their SSI Marine Ecology course for free to help with those lockdown blues, in the hope of sparking more interest in local conservation initiatives and reinvigorating students’ love for their nearby shores.

Sound Diving Plymouth

With global warming on the rise, learning about the underwater world is increasingly important. The ocean plays an essential role in helping to dampen climate change by sucking up much of the heat and excess carbon, but it has a tipping point. Doing this has a huge effect on sea temperature, currents, and levels – all of which have consequences for the creatures and ecosystems that inhabit the underwater world.

This entirely online course usually costs £150, is open to both divers and non-divers alike, and all ages are welcome (there’s a special course just for children). Follow the instructions on the Facebook event page, study the course materials, attend a Zoom lecture, and pass a final exam to receive the qualification.

Sound Diving Plymouth

Some students have already received their certification after attending the first lecture on Friday 12th February. People from all over the globe came together to learn, hear about how to get involved in protecting the marine environment, and share their love for the oceans. More dates are scheduled for February and March, meaning there’s still time to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity.

Sound Diving Plymouth

“Over the past twelve months, it’s become clear just how much we need to be doing to look after our planet. We’re fortunate to be able to support people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about such an important and interesting topic, and hopefully to build a community of marine conservationists who can really make a difference by working together,” owner of Sound Diving, Debbie explains. “Initiatives like this are are incredibly rewarding and so worthwhile.”

For more information on the free course, conservation efforts, and more, log on to or find @SoundDivingPlymouth on Facebook.



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