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HMS Terror: New Video from inside Arctic Wreck Reveals Artifacts Frozen in Time

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The latest pictures from the inside of HMS Terror, one of the two ships in the doomed Franklin expedition, were published by Parks Canada.

After more than 170 years under the Arctic waters, the pictures show a vessel remarkably “shipshape”.

Archaeologist Ryan Harris of Parks Canada says a robotic camera showed everything from neatly arranged plates to chamberpots to still-in-the-case scientific instruments.

He says the camera was able to peek into ship officers’ private quarters.

He says all is in such good order that he fears that, with little warning, the ship may have unexpectedly been abandoned.

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The Terror and its sister ship the Erebus sailed out from England in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage.

Despite over 30 expeditions to find them, neither Sir John Franklin nor his 129 crew was ever heard from again and no evidence of them was found.

But the Erebus was discovered in 2014 and the Terror two years later, with a combination of Inuit oral history and rigorous, high-tech surveys.



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