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Divesoft releases a new app to accompany their state-of-the-art diving equipment

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Following in the success of previous products, Divesoft dove into the world of mobile apps releasing their DIVESOFT.APP, a convenient and helpful tool to accompany their Divesoft Liberty rebreather.

The DIVESOFT.APP is a user-friendly and highly intuitive piece of software which helps Divesoft Liberty rebreather owners to build all four of the Liberty’s configurations. The app features a handy system of checklists and illustrative photographs outlining each individual step which contributes to higher safety of assembly and ensures users never miss any part of their configurations.  

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Additionally, the DIVESOFT.APP interactively guides its users through the process of calibrating the oxygen sensor using the expected voltage on the sensors. Moreover, the app monitors the oxygen sensors and conveniently notifies when a replacement is needed. 

According to Ales Prochaska, a Divesoft co-founder, the DIVESOFT.APP was created to fulfill the company’s goal of providing its customers with the latest and greatest in equipment. And considering the Liberty Rebreather 2021 edition has Bluetooth capabilities, it was only logical to equip users with easy access to their diving data as well as a simplified way of communication via their devices.

Divesoft is also developing additional features for the app which will be released soon including the ability to download logs from the Liberty Rebreather 2021 edition, firmware upload or desktop app connection. When it comes to Divesoft, there is no doubt we can look forward to more innovation in the future. 

Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.


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The unique unconventional Czech company from a country with no sea producing hi-tech products designed especially for top technical and cave divers all around the world. The doubled rebreather Liberty is their flagship. The largest diving celebrities such as the Canadian diver and researcher Jill Heinerth or the Discovery Channel and National Geographic cameraman Becky Kagan Schott are diving using their technology. Divesoft is dedicated to providing customers with superior quality specialized diving equipment. The team is committed to continuous research and development to ensure all products are of the highest standards to meet the specific requirements of their customers. All of the products are manufactured, assembled and tested at state-of-the-art factory in Roudnice, Czechia

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