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New Roundup Filters The Best Sustainability and Conservation News So You Don’t Have To

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Free newsletter Baleen is focused on sharing the stories that matter

A new free newsletter has launched to help people keep up with the latest news making an impact in the conservation world. Baleen will filter the latest sustainability and conservation news to share the stories that matter.

Sea to Sky

The first issue answers the question “why would an octopus punch a fish?” as well as sharing some shocking news about eels and a surprising story about shrunken testicles! Issue two, out today (25 January 2021), has some good news for an injured sea lion, some bad news for sharks, a particularly strange-looking new species of bat and the cutest swimming robot you’ve ever seen. If you’re intrigued, sign up today at https://baleen.substack.com/.

Melissa Hobson, conservation communications consultant and Founder of Baleen said: “During my career working with conservation organisations around the world, I often find people struggle with keeping on top of the most relevant stories. Whether they’re looking for stories to share on their social media channels, write about on their blog or just want to be in the know, trying to filter through all the news out there can be overwhelming. That seems to be even more true now thanks to the seemingly never-ending barrage of depressing news about the pandemic. Then I realised I was in a great position to help. As a journalist, I’m already filtering through various conservation stories to find topics to write about so why not share what I’ve found so other people can benefit from an accessible digest?”

The newsletter got the name ‘Baleen’ because of the roles it is going to play in filtering through all the news to find the key conservation stories people need to know about. A baleen is the filter-feeding system inside the mouths of baleen whales (that lets them take in a mouthful of ‘ocean’ and then push out the water and keep the krill). 

Baleen is created by Melissa Hobson: a communications consultant, journalist and scuba diver with a love for nature and the ocean. Passionate about making a positive difference to our planet and to people’s lives, Melissa uses her extensive PR and comms experience to help charities, B Corps and mission-driven organisations achieve their communications goals. While she works with a wide range of organisations, she specialises in delivering tailored communications strategies designed to encourage behaviour change and help the environment.

Join the pod by signing up for free at https://baleen.substack.com/


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