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Books – Diving Into Darkness

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Diving into Darkness

Many books on scuba diving have been published over the course of time, almost since the beginning of the scuba era. The Scuba News Canada will post these “nostalgia” books considered a “blast from the past” on a regular basis, and we want you, our readers, to make suggestions of “older nostalgia diving books” you have enjoyed, or believe our readers will. We will publish it and add your social media/website link to the article if you send us the proposal. Contact us.

Sea to Sky

First published in 2008, Diving Into Darkness was written by Phillip Finch, the author of over ten books, both novels and non-fiction. He’s a skilled cave diver and lives in Kansas.

The author narrates a catastrophic attempt to recover a body nearly 900 feet underwater in a South African crater named Bushman’s Hole. In his early 40s, David Shaw, an Australian pilot for Cathay Pacific, became obsessed with diving and rapidly became a deep diver of the world-class. Shaw trained with renowned diving instructor Don Shirley in South Africa and the two men grew close. Shaw dove to the bottom of Bushman’s Pit in 2004, where he found a diver’s corpse lying there for a decade. Shaw and Shirley agreed to try to lift the body. The numerous strands of his narrative, from the character biographies to the hazards and arcane technology of deep diving, are effortlessly weaved together by Finch. Finch himself, an expert cave diver, takes the reader into a weird and hermetic underworld that few have ever experienced firsthand.

Liquid Diving

You can also learn more about the story by watching “Dave not Coming Back” which is available on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the trailer at: The Scuba News.

We want to hear from you about a “blast from the past” scuba book with a suggestion. When your suggestion is published, it will contain a link back to your social media or website. Happy researching! Contact us with your suggestion. We’d love to hear from you.



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