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Learn More About Marine Diesel Maintenance with this online course

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If you cruise under power or sail, the diesel engine is your vessel’s beating heart. Arguably, the single most significant piece of safety gear is a strong running engine. Diesel engines are cost-effective, robust and efficient, but there is a range of ways in which they can fail. This apparent contradiction takes us to the difference that influenced Online Marine Diesel Maintenance and Troubleshooting Course.

The course is about being autonomous. It is designed to provide participants with the mechanical know-how they need to venture beyond the sight of land or to destinations outside SeaTow’s range. And this course has value even if you expect to do your boating close to home and plan to hire maintenance and repair technicians.

Sea to Sky

Course segments explain how to solve problems with power, electricity, cooling and corrosion, etc., and describe how savvy maintenance may avoid failure of these ancillary components in the first place.

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Sponsored by Boaters University

Cost: $189.00

Learn More at: https://www.boatersuniversity.com/courses/marine-diesel-maintenance-troubleshooting



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