VIDEO: MY 25 – The Ocean Between Us

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My 25 is an authored short film switching between memories and reality to tell an intimate story of how our oceans have changed from the perspective of multiple generations exploring the state of our oceans and ultimately their fate. This film follows my own personal relationship with the ocean diving into the threats that face our oceans today and showing how much has changed in just my lifetime. From traditional fishing practices to state of the art wet labs and coral restoration work we will demonstrate how there is still time to change the fate of our oceans and show the importance of learning from different cultures and generations in the fight to conserve our oceans. It is a story of resilience, a story of hope but ultimately a call to action for us to decide what legacy we want to leave behind for our children.

Why Now? Our oceans are changing at an unprecedented rate but while pockets of resistance still exist in our marine protected areas there is still time for change. These small pockets of resistance allow us to take a step back in time, to step back to the days when sharks were still the ruling apex predators in our oceans and humans were just visitors. Our oceans are powerful and resilient places but they need our protection, they need us to find a way to live in harmony if they are ever to return to the vibrant thriving sea scapes they once were. This film will highlight the power of marine protected areas but most importantly show a community that are looking to the future and bringing their coastline back from the brink of extinction. 

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