New Colour Choices for F1 LT Tech Diving Fins by Hollis

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Hollis F1 LT
Photo Credit: Hollis

For its F1 LT lightweight Tech Diving fins, dive manufacturer Hollis has introduced two new colour schemes.

About Hollis

Superior technical diving equipment made by Hollis engineers. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, Hollis has focused on offering diving solutions: possessing the best professional diving products for their complex diving experiences. In terms of professional diving, this theory comes from our founder and industry leader, Bob Hollis, a guy with no limits. Twenty-something-year-old Hollis pushed limits in the 1950s with diving still in its infancy by creating his own equipment to fuel his passion for diving. In the following decades, Hollis established and disrupted Andrea Doria’s groundbreaking dives and developed safe and reliable products that not only launched the technical diving industry but also pushed the boundaries of tech diving into the adventure-seeking, curiosity-driven passion that it reveres today.

Hollis F1 LT
Photo Credit: Hollis

About the F1 LT Fin

The tech-diving favourite, previously available only in grey, is now also available in yellow and white. The Hollis F1 LT Fin is a superlative option for tackling close, constrained dives where every kick counts, combining lightweight construction with purpose-driven design. For hydrodynamic kicking, the lightweight SEBS compound is moulded into a vented shape that provides loads of efficiency per square inch. A rigid but lightweight flex increases performance and increases the amount of power and thrust per kick, saving energy and allowing you to dive longer without getting tired.

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