Help Bite-Back Shark and Marine Conservation By Buying Their Excellent 2021 Shark Calendar

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Giants from the world of underwater photography have joined forces with Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation to create a unique and stunning 2021 calendar to raise funds for the UK charity fighting to make Britain shark fin free.

Each photographer has handpicked and donated a breathtaking image along with commentary to feature month-by-month in the high quality publication.

The line-up of award-winning contributors includes Alex Mustard, Amanda Cotton, Christian Vizl, David Doubilet, Doug Perrine, Ellen Cuylaerts, George Probst, Greg Lecouer, Jason Isley, Laura Storm, Shawn Heinrichs and Tanya Houppermans.

Campaign director at Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “This edition is packed with spectacular images to stir the soul and remind the world of the charismatic creatures that are at risk from human activity. Every purchase of this calendar will directly fund our campaigns to end the trade and consumption of shark products in the UK.”

Alone Bite-Back has made significant progress in limiting the sale of shark fin soup, shark meat and items containing shark such as supplements across the country.

Graham added: “For the equivalent of a £1 a month, we hope scuba divers and ocean lovers will get to enjoy this rare and magnificent collection of images, knowing they are contributing to our breakthroughs for the oceans.”

The limited edition A4 calendar is printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks by a climate neutral printer. It can be purchased online for £12 (including free UK delivery) and shipped worldwide.

Buy your copy in the Bite-Back Store at:



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