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No Go for M.S. Norgoma’s Move to Tobermory

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A proposal for towing the historic M.S. Norgoma by Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. (TREI) From Sault Ste Marie to Tobermory’s Little Tub Harbour has been scuttled.

Mike Goman and Dr. George D. Harpur owners of The Sweet Shop in Tobermory for more than 40 years was the driving force behind the proposed move of the ship to Tobermory. The cost for the towing would have been around $150,000 and take about five or days to make the voyage.

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The M.S. Norgoma sale in July 2020, for $2,500 by the town council of Sault St. Marie to Mike and Dr. George had two conditions attached. These two conditions were; that the ship would survive the tow to Tobermory, and to ensure that it would have a home once it got there. Suggestions for the Norgama when it reached its destination of Tobermory were; a tourist attraction, coffee shop or a museum. Some individuals proposed a floating market place or a collaboration with the marine programmes of the Georgian College.

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According to a press release distributed by Tobermory Real Estate Investors Inc. (TREI), a feasibility study showed relocating the M.S. Norgoma to the harbour could not be done without “significant and unacceptable disruption to the existing dockage arrangements, or in a manner which would enable acceptable access and parking for visitors to the vessel”.

Congestion concerns around the harbour were also a factor in the ultimate outcome of this ambitious initiative.


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