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Close Calls, the new book by Stratic Kas

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If they made mistakes, you will too.

Stratic Kas

“In diving, like any other activity, people who excel exist. They are the reason why we travel to another country or continent just to hear them speak. The ones we think about when trying to justify the hours and money we spend on diving. They are our inspiration and our motivation. But just like famous soccer players get badly hurt or miss a penalty, diving superstars are human too. They may seem infallible at times but they are not.

In this collection of short stories, we open up the pandora box of diving. Stories of fundamental errors and plain human emotions like the fear that were never expected to be part of these great divers storytelling. By doing so, we give faces to these close calls.

We bridge the gap between us, who we accept as normal that we could have done better in any given scenario and them who we thought they were always perfect.

They open up to motivate us to do the same. To stop hiding in fear of judgement and help our wonderful submerged world improve its safety record. Report problems, define the error, adjust attitude, learn and eventually we can all together try to reach the utopia of 100% safe diving, even if just almost”.

Close Calls contains stories from:

Alessandra Figari, Alessandro Marroni, Alex Santos, Andy Torbet, Armando Ribeiro, Audrey Cudel, Beatrice Rivoira, Becky Kagan Schott, Brett Hemphill, Chris Jewell, Cristina Zenato, Daniele Pontis, David Strike, Don Shirley, Dr. Doug Ebersole, Dr. Richard Harris, Ed Sorrenson, Edd Stockdale, Edoardo Pavia, Emmanuel Kuhen, Eugenio Mongelli, Evan Kovacs, Frauke Tillman, Gabriele Papparo, Gareth Lock, Gary Dallas, German Arango, Graig Challen, Jill Heinerth, Jim Warny, Jon Kieren, Josh Bratchley, JP Bresser, Kevin Gurr, Leigh Bishop, Luigi Casati, Marissa Eckert, Mark Ellyat, Mark Powell, Matteo Ratto, Michael Menduno, Mike Young, Miko Paasi, Mrityunjaya Giri, Natalie Gibb, Nathalie Lasselin, Nuno Gomes, Pascal Bernabe, Patrick Widmann, Paul Toomer, Pete Mesley, Phil Short, Randy Thornton, Richard Stevenson, Richie Kohler, Rob Neto, Roberts Culbert & Bill Main, Sabine Kerkau, Simone Villotti, Sonia Rowley, Stefan Panis, Steve Bogaerts, Steve Davis, Steve Lewis, Thomasz Michura, Thorsten Waelde , Tom Mount, Witold Hoffmann.

50% of the Net Profits from Close Call will go to DAN’S “The Claudius Obermaier Fund“, the charity fund of DAN Europe, taking care of divers in difficulty.

Learn more at: Stratic Kas


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