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Wild and Temperate Seas: 50 Favourite UK Dives

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Temperate Seas

Wild and Temperate Seas is available for Pre-Order from Amazon and is written by Will Appleyard. This is the ideal gift for anyone new to or considering diving in the UK, by seasoned contributors and with beautiful photographs by award-winning underwater photographers.

Wild and Temperate Seas is a new style guide that will whet your appetite for UK diving, from highlands to islands, wrecks to reefs and caves. There are over 50 personal favourites at some of the most popular attractions underwater in the UK. As they highlight our beautiful coastal locations, Dorset Dives author Will Appleyard and his team of experienced collaborators share their picks. In ardent UK divers’ logbooks, many of the dive sites included in this new guide already appear regularly.

Sea to Sky

So, remove your mask and hug the emerald, put on your drysuit and conquer the cold. If you just scratch the surface of UK diving, this book reveals what amazing quality is waiting to be discovered. Wild and Temperate Seas is an introduction to some of the finest dives in the UK, spanning more than 50 accessible sites in 15 stunning locations nationwide. Included are wrecks, reefs, boat and shore dives.

Available At Amazon for Pre-Order now; release date November 25, 2020

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