New Zoom / Skype Presentations by Terry Dwyer, “Wreck Hunter”

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8 New Virtual Multimedia Presentations to Choose From Now – Available on ZOOM or SKYPE Video Conference
Wreck Hunter

Video conference presentations, seminars or workshops for your club, community, friends or associates can be arranged by Terry Dwyer of Nova Scotia, known as the Wreck Hunter. For one of these presentations, you choose the time and the date. The typical presentation followed by a Q & A session is 45 minutes long. Cost is a donation by group/per person to Undercurrent New Waterford Youth At Risk Center Project.

On Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, there are Undercurrent Youth Centers to promote hope in the lives of thousands of children and young people. We are investing in this generation to break the poverty and addiction cycle that in Cape Breton has become the standard for so many.

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Terry Dwyer

Terry Dwyer was born in New Waterford, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. At the age of 15, in 1978 he learned to scuba dive. Clearing rope and net propellers for local fishermen made it possible for him to establish his first diving business at the age of sixteen. He worked for a treasure hunting business for five years and then spent the next thirty years of his life working in the Canadian scuba diving industry. He was awarded a Rescue Commendation for an Act of Personal Bravery in 1992. Terry has also written and published four books, Wreck Hunter, Wreck Hunter II, Wreck Hunter; The Quest for Lost Shipwrecks and Wreck Hunter; Battle for Britain and The Blitz.

Terry is offering 8 Virtual Multimedia Presentations

The Last Treasure Hunter

A 45-minute presentation on the last official Treasure Hunt in Canada. Terry Dwyer was issued the very last and official “treasure trove license” in Nova Scotia.

The L’AUGUSTE Shipwreck Project

A 45-minute presentation on the 2-year search for the “stern section” of the treasure ship L’Auguste, wrecked in 1761 off northern Cape Breton.

St. Paul Island, The Graveyard of the Gulf

A 45-minute presentation touching on 16 years of adventures and shipwreck exploration on St. Paul Island.

The SOVEREIGN Shipwreck Project

A 45-minute presentation on the 2-year search for the remains of the SOVEREIGN, a privately owned British merchant ship that wrecked off the coast of St. Paul Island in 1814.

Shipwreck Hunting 101–The Tools and Technology

Want to learn how to find shipwrecks? According to the United Nations, there are approximately three million shipwrecks littering the oceans around the world.

TITANIC-Working on the Movie Set

In September of 1995 Halifax the presenters company DEEP STAR was contracted by Hollywood film making giant, Lightstorm Entertainment to assist with logistics, locations and marine support services for the motion picture Titanic.

Careers in Scuba Diving

Ever thought about making a living as a commercial diver, military diver or scientific diver?

Adventure & Marine Tourism Opportunities

Thinking about starting a seasonal Adventure or Marine Tourism business? Have you considered Scuba Diving as part of your business plan? 

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