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Introducing, SeeArch Innovative Marine Safety Device

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The SeaArch, engineered for your survival.

A Canadian boater with more than 30 years of experience, Neil Darroch has seen his share of misadventure and near disasters at sea. Within an instant, a day on the water can change. If you fall overboard and are separated from your boat or paddleboard the water is cold, your head disappears in the waves, your speedy rescue is vital.

Sea to Sky

Neil Darroch has stated from his website:

I spend a lot of time on the water and I’ve had my share of close calls. Years ago, I met a sailor who told me a story of his own misadventure. While sailing across Lake Ontario he had fallen overboard. He was wearing a PFD but his boat was sailing away and he was far from shore. The coastguard was alerted after his boat was seen crashing into the shore. A search ensued and luckily one of the crew spotted his frantically waving arms.

He was extremely fortunate but I was left wondering what if the coast guard hadn’t seen him? Every year, water sport enthusiasts are lost at sea. Finding a person in the water, even in calm conditions, can be extremely difficult.

I began sketching ideas for a device that could increase a person’s visibility in the water. This device would need to be compatible with a PFD while adding buoyancy and would need to be with you all of the time, so it would have to be easy to wear. 

And most importantly, it would need to make you visible to rescuers.

The task was not easy. After many prototypes, hours of testing, and consultations with the Coast Guard, engineers, designers, friends and sailors, we found the answer. The answer is SeeArch.

Photo Credits :: SeeArch

SeeArch was designed to work with a PFD, (not instead of one) and add buoyancy to help keep you afloat. Its vivid, heavy-duty material/construction colours are intended to be seen above the rescue waves and can also be used as a sling. An easy-to-wear kit for water protection that goes where you go. The SeeArch deploys a five-foot-high arch with the pull of a cord (8 seconds to deploy) designed to be worn securely around your waist, helping rescuers spot you in the water.

Liquid Diving

SeeArch, proudly Canadian, is the 2019 Maritime Industry Award, recipient.

Learn more at: https://www.seearch.ca/



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