DeepSpot, The World’s Deepest Diving Pool

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Welcome to DeepSpot’s Universe

We know your passion is diving. In the world’s deepest diving chamber, we invite you to explore our underwater secrets. DeepSpot offers warm water, (32C/89F) great diving conditions, depth, the wreck, caves and ropes. Great for divers and freedivers. DeepSpot is located near Warsaw, Poland.

DeepSpots development began in 2018, but the concept was born in the mind of the company’s President in 2014. They are about to finish the job in October 2020, and hope for visitors later this year to scuba dive or freedive.

Deep Spot
Image courtesy of Facebook

DeepSpots is actually the world’s deepest pool at 45m/131f, contains 8000 cubic meters of water and is a project developed by the owner of the Flyspot (Indoor Skydiving) Aerotunel. It is designed for all individuals who dream of scuba diving or freediving, who have never tried it, as well as professionals and those wishing to dive in warm, clean water and safe conditions for training.

Deep Spot
Image courtesy of Facebook

Besides the diving/freediving at DiveSpots, the facility offers:

  • A tunnel for spectators
  • Restaurant (underwater) and Hotel
  • Conference rooms

Follow DeepSpot’s progress at Facebook or visit their Website.



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