Introducing The S1 Dive Computer Supersonic by Oceans

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For scuba divers, communication below the surface is a challenge. Hand signals work well, but they are hampered by one obvious issue: the signals depend on divers looking at each other. But improving underwater communication is difficult, and radio waves used for land communications instantly fade out underwater, but Oceans has developed the Ocean S1 Supersonic to address this long-standing problem.

A next-gen dive computer with built-in buddy communications

The Ocean S1 Supersonic is a full-colour wrist-worn dive computer with an ultrasonic signalling device that allows you to ping one or more divers whilst underwater. (range 15 metres/45 feet) On the surface, the Oceanic S1’s are paired up, so you can choose who you receive pings from with the touch of a button. The wrist-worn Oceanic S1 provides all the usual dive computer data, such as digital compass heading, elapsed time, current/maximum depth, water temperature, the required surface interval before diving again, night diving light and syncing of dive data over Bluetooth to the Oceans App. (available for Android and IOS devices). The Oceans S1 Supersonic weighs 95 grammes (3.4 oz), works up to a maximum recommended depth of 50 m (150 ft), is capable of storing 500 dives or 80 hours of data and should run on one wireless battery charge for approximately 10 hours. It is waterproof to 150 feet.

Oceans S1

Ocean S1 Supersonic started as a Kickstarter campaign by the Swedish Company, Oceans, and was designed by a team of engineers and product designers in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ocean S1 Supersonic retails for $566.00 and it is now shipping from Oceans.



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