DIVETALKS THURSDAYS: 35 Years in the Water with Celebrated Italian Diver, Edoardo Pavia

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This week’s special guest on the popular Facebook Livestream DIVETALKS, powered by Divesoft, is Italian-born diver, instructor, and documentarist, Edoardo Pavia. Edoardo’s career as a diver has taken him all over the world to a number of virgin caves and undiscovered wrecks, and even to pursue his own business venture. Be sure to tune in this Thursday, October 8th at 1 p.m. EDT, and find out more about this globetrotting diver. 

Edoardo Pavia

Edoardo Pavia was born in Biella, Italy, where he developed a great passion for the ocean from a young age. This drive sparked the creation of a life revolving around diving which has taken him all around the world. Initially, Pavia started out as a freediver, racking up 15 years of experience before converting to traditional scuba diving. Since then, he’s become a powerful voice in the world of rebreathers, currently boasting 20 years with some kind of diving apparatus on his back.

Edoardo Pavia
Image by Gabriele Paparo

Some of Edoardo’s most notable works include a number of particularly high-profile wreck dives. You’ll be interested to hear more about his four dives at the Andrea Doria and the breathtaking warship, HMS Victoria, in Lebanon. Or maybe you’d like to hear more about his experiences in Antarctica, where Edoardo helped film a documentary for Italian television. His talents aren’t only applicable in ocean waters, however. Pavia is also an IANTD and TDI Cavern Instructor, and he has logged countless hours in some of the most popular cave systems, from France to Mexico.

With so many exhibitions around the world, you might be surprised to hear that Edoardo Pavia has also managed to carve out time to own and run his own business, Sea Dweller Divers, in Rome. It’s there that Edoardo and his team specialize in both technical dive equipment and instruction. When not at the shop, Pavia can be seen speaking at EUROTEK conferences, and he has even won several awards for his work, including the “Golden Trident” within the Sport and Explorative category.  

Edoardo Pavia
Image by Gabriele Paparo

When it comes to technical diving, Edoardo Pavia isn’t one to run out of topics to discuss. And you’ll have the chance during this week’s DIVETALKS livestream to learn more from him. Just ask Pavia any question you have in the comment section during the stream. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about rebreathers or what it takes to start your own dive-related venture? Or hear about some of his intriguing exhibitions, such as diving in Antarctica or Mexico’s cenotes? Either way, be sure to join in on the action this Thursday, October 8th at 1 p.m. EDT to see what Edoardo has to say on these topics and more. Simply follow the link HERE at the given time, and get ready to be inspired for your next underwater adventure!



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