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Diving Lac Beauvert in Jasper National Park

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Edmonton Alberta’s Cathie and John McCuaig recently dove Beauvert Lake (Lac Beauvert) a small lake (0.4 km/.24 mile) in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Jasper Park Lodge, a property owned by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, is located on Lake Beauvert. The lake lies 3 kilometres northeast of Jasper City. The lake is a remanent of what was once a much larger lake that encompassed the entire Jasper Valley, including the nearby modern day lakes of Patricia Lake, Pyramid Lake, Edith Lake and Annette Lake.

This video was taken by Cathie McCuaig with a SeaLife DC 2000 camera, wide angle port and ambient light. You can see the carpet algae and golf balls in this video.

The depth of the dive was a maximum of 26 feet, averaging 14 feet and the surface water temperature was 12C then quickly dropped to 8C. Visibilty was 40 feet. Good dive for Open Water/Beginner Divers, but proper gear is required for the cold water.

Thanks to John McCuaig for the video.

Cathie McCuaig is Executive Director of Alberta Underwater Council


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