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DEMO Days Divesoft: Bringing Rebreathers to You

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Many of us have endured cancelled events, flights and our beloved dive trips because of the global pandemic. For this reason, the Divesoft crew has decided to proceed with their DEMO Days roadshow and provide fellow divers with the opportunity to get in the water again to demo rebreathers and more. If you’re in the Illinois area, reserve the weekend of August 29th-30th , and September 5th-6th if you’re on the West Coast to attend these exciting events! Don’t let COVID get the best of your 2020 diving plans and come join us at DEMO Days.

DEMO Program

Divesoft Demo Days

DEMO Days features two weekends of diving at two outstanding locations. The first event will take place from August 29th-30th at the Haigh Quarry dive site in Kankakee, Illinois. This site is popular for its adventure-filled diving environment complete with underwater attractions such as trucks, “ancient” artifacts, and sunken boats. And not to mention the flamingos and numerous fish species; Haigh isn’t nicknamed “The Caribbean of the Midwest” for nothing! In addition, the well-known dive shop, Dive Right In Scuba, will be there lending a hand with the demos and providing divers with the chance to see some of their latest gear. All participants, regardless of certification, will have the opportunity to try all the products. That means divers of various skill levels and backgrounds can get hands-on experience with a CCR rebreather, and test out the various configurations including the new light and heavy versions. Find out more about this event online and visit the Quarry’s website for further details.

Divesoft Demo Days

The second weekend of DEMO Days will be held at Beach Cities SCUBA in Oceanside, California from Sept. 5th-6th. The demos will take place in Beach Cities’ outdoor pool, and, given the well-established name of this Californian diving brand, you can anticipate great facilities and beautiful weather, plus check out promotional items and equipment. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the engineering and technology behind Divesoft products, as introduced by Joseph Jonathan Bosquez. Expect to get up close and personal with everything from analysers to computers to rebreathers and more.Visit the event’s Facebook page HERE to learn more and share your interest in the event.

Divesoft Demo Days
Joseph Jonathan Bosquez

Safety first

The Divesoft team will follow all proper guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants. They are bringing over 4 complete units which will allow them to clean and disinfect each unit after every dive using a Divesoft disinfection containing agents proven to kill Covid-19. Safety is Divesoft’s number one priority and in case there’s any concern, Divesoft will not risk the spread of infection or disease.

Divesoft Demo Days
SOLO Analyzers

With time running short, be sure to mark your calendars for Divesoft’s DEMO Days. With a stellar program and line-up, every diver can be sure to come away with something new – whether that’s new equipment, improved skills or memories to last a lifetime. You don’t want to miss out on these upcoming events! Also, keep an eye out for new content from Divesoft as they will be vlogging and photographing the entire trip. DEMO Days is just around the corner – we hope to see you there!

Learn more about Divesoft at: https://www.divesoft.com


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