U-Boat Worx opens submersible pilot training center in Curaçao

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U-Boat Worx – manufacturer of the world’s leading personal submersibles since 2005 – is delighted to announce the launch of its first pilot training facility, Sub Center Curaçao (SCC), Lesser Antilles, Caribbean. 

SCC offers different pilot courses, which cater to adventurous individuals who are looking for a unique experience that will broaden their underwater training horizons. Moreover, courses are also available to individuals who aim for a career in the yacht or cruise industry, within which U-Boat Worx submersibles are widely deployed.

Waterproof Expeditions

SCC’s training grounds feature a land-based classroom in a decommissioned minesweeper where trainees are taught the fundamentals of submersible piloting, before heading out on the extraordinary local reef.Training is conducted in one of the popular models from U-Boat Worx’ renowned range of submersibles. Trainees only need to cruise a couple of minutes underwater to reach a spectacular drop-off location that permits spectacular dives down to hundreds of meters below.From inside the submersible, trainee pilots have an unimpeded view of their surroundings combined with a visibility of up to 30 meters with pristine white sand, colourful fish, dazzling corals, and old shipwrecks all perfectly visible through the crystal-clear waters.  Erik Hasselman, commercial director at U-Boat Worx, says, “95% of the underwater world is still undiscovered; so every dive into the deep has the possibility for thrilling new discoveries. Adventurers who are looking for something extraordinary will definitely find it at Sub Center Curaçao.”

Waterproof Expeditions

All necessary Covid-19 measures and precautions have been taken into account when applicants register for a course. At SCC we ensure that all dives can be conducted safely and responsibly, for both student and instructor.

Marlynda Elstgeest, CEO of Dutch travel organizer Waterproof Expeditions, can arrange a comprehensively designed itinerary for visitors to Curaçao. She says, “We are always looking out for the most exclusive trips for real adventurers, and the courses provided by Sub Center Curaçao are the ultimate dream of every passionate undersea explorer.”

For more information about our pilot training courses please visit www.subcentercuraçao.com /



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  1. In 1942, the USS Erie was escorting merchant vessels north towards Cuba when it was struck by a German torpedo off the island of Curacao, near the port town of Willemstad. The captain was able to beach her and all but 7 men survived. My Uncle, George Owen Kunkle, was one of the seven KIA. After the ship cooled off, it was towed into the harbor and subsequently sank and remained there for 10 years. In 1952 the Erie was floated and towed out to deep water (~ 550 meters) and sunk. I’m wondering if you are aware of that particular vessel among the dozens off the shore of the island. Have any of your staff taken a submersible down to view the Erie? How much would it cost to take a group of Georges family to the Erie to pay last respects to those who died in that horrible incident? BTW, I worked for 13 years at the University of Washington at the Seaglider Fabrication Center. That is where I met Stockton Rush, founder and owner of Oceangate. Perhaps you have heard of him? I have enjoyed watching their progress as they develop manned submersibles for research and passenger experiences in the Caribbean and other locations such as Puget Sound and off the coast of New England. Is your facility located near Willemstad?

    Karl George Kunkle (middle name in honor of my uncle)

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