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Introducing, the Shark Research Institute

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We use science to educate and protect. This is our mission. This is what drives us relentlessly forward.

The challenges facing this critical apex predator are many, and seemingly overwhelming. More than 100 million are slaughtered every year for their fins. Climate change is dramatically disrupting the oceanic ecosystem and food chain. And mankind’s attitudes are indifferent at best; savage at worst.

We believe science—rigorous, peer-reviewed, professional—can inform and guide governing bodies and society at large to conservation policies that ensure the sustainability of all shark species.

Shark Institute


Real Information to Really Inform

Few species are more misunderstood, and more vilified by popular culture. We’re working to change that. 

Through funding and sponsoring credible research, we provide fact-based, peer-reviewed information to inform. Beyond hyperbole. Beyond TV ratings. Beyond question.

A multi-disciplinary nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific research organization, we were the first shark conservation organization in the U.S. Founded in 1991 at Princeton, New Jersey, USA, today we have field offices in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas, and internationally in Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Current projects include visual and satellite tracking, behavioral and DNA studies, environmental advocacy, publication of scientific works and public education. We’ll also continue to fight for shark protections at CITES, the primary international venue for conservation treaties.

Our work serves a number of audiences engaged in the health of our marine ecosystem:

  • the scientific community
  • policy making and governing bodies
  • the media
  • organizations and individuals
  • marine resource users including subsistence fishermen, sport divers, and the dive tourism industry

Read current and archived written works in our Library.

Every society has a choice—exploit or conserve, turn a blind eye or stand and fight. Everyone of us in our society plays a critical role in this choice. We hope you join us and stand with the sharks and support science to fight for their protection.

There are several ways you can financially support our work. From memberships or one-time donations for our work at CITES to whale shark adoptions or direct support of the Global Shark Attack File, we strive to put every tax-deductible dollar you invest in us to advance shark conservation and protection. Click below on what works best for you. And if you’re interested in a corporate sponsorship or in volunteering, please get in touch.


Learn More At: https://www.sharks.org/


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