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Titanic Adventure: One Woman’s True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner

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Jennifer Carter; an Explorers Club fellow, author and producer who co-authored the book “Titanic Adventure: One Woman’s True Life Voyage Down to the Legendary Ocean Liner” together with her late husband, Academy Award-winning composer Joel Hirschhorn, always had a youthful obsession with the Titanic.

Titanic Adventure

Jennifer was the first woman to dive to the Titanic wreck when she signed on with the all-male French / American Titanic, as expedition leader in 1987. And this is just one of her long lists of noble accomplishments.

Sea to Sky

Jennifer at one time was a bank teller, a far different profession then the leader of the Titanic 1987 recovery mission. She describes the trials and tribulations of operating in a man’s world with a captivating narrative style. Carter explains in her novel the courage and mental endurance she needed to visit the wreck. Jennifer’s book provides detailed accounts of her dive and the others with her. She also describes the recovered artifacts and the discovery of the gash that is thought to have sunk the liner.

Jennifer has produced for many organizations::Stephen Low Productions, Westgate Productions, Walt Disney Productions, Planet Earth, Smithsonian and produced one hour television specials for the National Geographic.

She hales from Beverly Hills and currently calls Newton, Connecticut, home.

The Atlantic Maritime Museum (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) has a large collection of Titanic artifacts. It also houses what came to be called the “Shoes of the Titanic Unknown Guy.” This pair of leather shoes was discovered on “Body No. 4,” an unnamed male 2-year-old boy found in the sinking site waters. Within its permanent Titanic display, the museum also has many artifacts, including the gloves of railroad tycoon Charles Hays.

The biggest and most permanent display of Titanic artifacts is currently located at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada.


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