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New O-Ring Identification Working Mat from ScubaGaskets

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One of the major problems that scuba diving technicians face is O-ring identification size. Many of our customers are facing this problem and after many requests from our customers ScubaGaskets undertook the challenge of creating an actual size chart for the most commonly used O-rings in scuba diving in order to solve this problem.

The identification of the size of each O-ring was found to be more difficult than what was originally thought. In order to overcome this problem, all O-rings that required identification had to pass from high tech camera specially developed for this purpose, and afterwards a second cross check identification process was performed against the actual O-ring of each brand. As each brand use some common size O-rings and some not so common size O-rings, the work load for this identification was huge.

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O-Ring Mat

Never the less at the end of this process we created a 115 actual size scuba O-ring chart, covering the majority of the scuba O-rings used in the industry today. 

Printing on cardboard was found to be the most reliable printing method in respect of representing accurately the O-ring size. At the moment this actual O-ring laminated chart comes with a transparent plastic mat in order to be used as a working mat

The next step will be the creation of this chart on neoprene mat if we are sure that exact sizes can be printed onto neoprene.

In combination with our huge scuba O-ring product range, this identification chart can help you identify nearly any O-ring used in scuba gear at the moment.

Another contribution of ScubaGaskets to the scuba diving community.

Learn more about ScubaGaskets at: https://scubagaskets.com/


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