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Who Needs a Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

All motorised boat operators in Canada must have evidence of competence, such as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (more generally known as a boating licence) irrespective of age, boat length or engine horsepower, other than in the waters of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Operating without evidence of competence could result in a fine of $250.00. If your boat has a motor, even those smaller than 10hp or an electric trolling engine, you need a operators card.

Watch, Listen and Learn

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Our fun and narrated Safety Boating Course is ideal for all ages. Study and switch between devices from your Smartphone, tablet or desktop at any time. A BOAT tracks your progress automatically, so that you can test at your own pace.


Canada’s Best Boating Safety Course

The Smart BOAT! ® Course is 100% guided, beautifully illustrated and includes animated lessons that will make it enjoyable and help you retain the skills you need to safely enjoy boating. The course covers all you need to pass the test and get your official Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Learn more at: https://www.boatsmartexam.com/ca/


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