Diving Westhawk Lake, “Cat’s Ass”, Manitoba

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The “Cats Ass” was a common expression used in the past. According to the slang dictionary, the saying means “something very great”.

“Cat’s Ass” is a popular dive site at Westhawk Lake located at Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. Westhawk Lake is about an 1.5 hour drive from Winnipeg, and borders on Manitoba/Ontario. Created by a pre-historic meteor impact, Westhawk Lake is the deepest lake in Manitoba, with depths greater than 400 feet (121 metres) at the centre. This region is also known as part of the Canadian Shield created billions of years ago.

Diving Westhawk Lane
Image courtesy of Blue Oasis

Open Water check-outs are popular here, but done in the range of 60 foot depths, not 400 feet. When you slip under the surface, features for the viewing enjoyment of the diver are :: man-made platforms used for training, numerous objects (canoe, picnic table) placed to simulate the lakescape, small mouth bass and the large stone walls produced by the meteor effect. The water at the surface is warm in the summer months, but once below, the thermocline sets in and a full 7mm wetsuit set-up is required for warmth. Visibility is good in the cold clear water. Entering the water directly off the point of “Cats Ass” takes you right to the edge of a wall. The depths here range from 25 to 60 feet, ideal for Open Water Certification check outs.

Just two minutes away by car, you can also dive at Miller Beach dive site. The diver will need to snorkel out to the buoys (where the reefs are) for diving, here.

Westhawk Lake is also popular with the summer crowd for boating, sailing, wakeboarding, swimming as well as scuba diving. Hiking is also very popular here as well with many trails to explore.

Westhawk Lake
Image courtesy of Blue Oasis

The town of West Hawk Lake has numerous restaurants to catch a bite to eat and other places to stay, if camping is not for you; West Hawk Lake Resort (1, 2, or 3 bedroom cabins) or Crescent Beach cottages (motel rooms and cabins) are recommended as great places to stay.

Diving in Westhawk Lake. Manitoba is the definitely the “Cats Ass”!



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