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RAID introduces the World’s First Nitrox Virtual Analyzer

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RAID Diver Training

RAID courses are customized to the needs of every individual student, rather than a one-size-fits-all prescription. RAID has complimented its REMOTe-Learning program with the unveiling of the first Nitrox Virtual Analyzer app in the world. This app provides the student with the skills needed to operate an analyzer safely, under the instructor’s guidance. All RAID Nitrox Divers and Instructors may use this app immediately. Instructors can use a real cylinder and analyser to illustrate.

As RAID moves forward with their online dive teaching, this will become a regular part of their training courses, and this App is not just a pandemic option. RAID’s Virtual Analyzer software is built to look and behave like an actual analyzer that will warn you if you make errors, and ask important questions before and after the study. The software is great for those taking a course on Nitrox as well as those who are already trained and want to test themselves with the use of an analyzer.

This App is open to all Dive Instructor programmes, but it is recommended that you check with your agency to ensure that you work within their standards of training.

You can get the App at either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store:



About RAID

Their mission is to be the global benchmark for quality dive training through enhanced technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest dive instructors standard. The measure of our success is not the number of divers we train but our divers’ efficiency, every diver we train is a RAID ambassador.

Learn more at: http://www.diveraid.com


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